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    LOGIQOOLCan you dial up your set points to meet ASHRAE standards? Learn how LOGIQOOL can increase efficiency to meet those standards.

  • Power Monitoring

    Power Monitoring

    Do you know what the kW draw is for each of your racks? Non-invasive, real time monitoring...

  • Containment


    We specialize in providing custom containment solutions to maximize the energy efficiency in your data center.

  • CFD Modeling


    Do you know how the air flows to the most critical pieces of equipment in your data center? Analyze airflow ...

  • Blanking Panels


    Have you eliminated recirculation?  Easy to install twist lock blanking panels eliminate bypass airflow and recirculation.

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Noble Vision Group is a progressive firm focusing on providing clients with a multitude of energy saving programs, products and services.  From comprehensive CFD modeling, to complete turn-key containment, NVG works closely with its clients to help achieve their energy efficiency goals.

The goal with every client is to listen to their needs and develop custom solutions that are fiscally responsible.

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